Over Land Flores

Overland is a car journey. When overland every night we will stay at different places, so luggage will always be brought, except when heading to Waerebo because unneeded items can be left in the car.When overland, distance between destinations spelled out far, so prepare the physical and good stamina. Most of the stops are cool air, so bring a jacket. The temperature at Waerebo is 18 degree.

In Waerebo there is electricity and a public bathroom. Here are some of the areas to visit, selected based on the best time and spots in Flores
Waerebo Traditional Village, Bajawa, Bena Custom Village, Blue Stone Beach, Ende, Moni, Kelimutu, Maumere Flores is a beautiful and beautiful big island. Few people know that the island’s original name is Nusa Nipa (Pulau Ular). Located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Flores is a long island of 14,300 km² and stores the world’s best secrets, waiting for anyone to come and explore it.

Portuguese that started the mention of Flores, ie from the word Cabo de Flores which means Cape Flowers. The naming of Flores has existed for four centuries, and even then the Dutch Indies government was reluctant to change it and survive to this day.
Together with Alor and Pantar, Flores is a series of volcano rings in the archipelago and geologically unstable where almost every year there is an earthquake. Therefore, Flores is one of the areas in Indonesia that are prone to earthquakes and can only be matched by the island of Sumatra and Java. However, beneath the geographical part of the volcano, Flores hides its beauty in the shadow of Bali’s global bangs.

Volcano lined the stretch of the island along the 450 km creates hills that form the letter V. Surface soaring sharp soil showing off the splendor of the hill and foot of the mountain where that is where the various tribal groups (ama). The cultural heritage of the tribal rocks of Flores will astonish anyone who comes.
Currently, many tourists only know Labuan Bajo, then culminate in a visit to the island of Komodo, Rinca and Padar. In fact, when you presented a miracle in Komodo National Park it has been waiting in the eastern part of its splendor and the beauty of Flores is amazing. Not dry and barren soil but a verdant hill, mountain, and valley.
Flores presents a variety of attractions that never run out. You can swim in the clear blue seas or in lakes and unspoiled waterfalls, dive in one of 50 spectacular underwater spots, play kayaking between mangrove beaches and steep cliffs. On land, you can explore the mysterious caves and be greeted warmly by local people through ritual ceremonies. The culture and the hospitality are enough to immerse the impression and the memories to tell later.

Well, if that is not enough then you can break through the forest trees and steep hills to see firsthand the life of indigenous peoples from the stone age. Yes, the traditional village of Flores will continue to survive the scourge of the times that can upset the values of the ancestors. Here built local wisdom from traditional house, how to weave, gather food, until the system of kinship that is very high in high esteem. It is all tied on the basis of the similarity of residence or village.

The island of Flores is surrounded by white sandy beaches, even the sandy beaches are pink. Under the sea you will find the most exotic underwater life in the world. Diving it will bring you to meet the great mantaray, dolphins and mermaids. For a certain time whales can be seen while migrating through the east coast of Flores.
The island of Flores has not been touched for centuries, once populated by humans and prehistoric animals which now leave fossilized trails. Later, Flores has been the focus of the world with the discovery of hobbit flores or Homo floresiensis, the prehistoric human species found in the Liang Bua Cave.

At the eastern end of Flores, Larantuka is famous for the Easter Sunday ritual continuing the Portuguese cultural heritage brought back 500 years ago. While in Lembata, the inhabitants of the island hunted the whales by using armed hands with spears, jumping from a small boat and then thrusting it into the body of the whale.

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