We are local tour organizer on Flores and komodo islands, it is highly recommended and reliable local tours and travel company to arrange your memorable trip on Flores and Komodo islands as paradise destination tours. ALEXANDRA KOMODO TOUR is located in West Flores, komodo island, INDONESIA.

This company has been run since many years and has a lot of experiences great tours and impressed ALEXANDRA KOMODO TOUR specialize private organizing and handling INTERNATIONAL CRUISE SHIPS visit to Komodo Island and Flores Island to see the Komodo dragon as the only one descent of Dinosaur in world and one of 7 WONDERS OF THE NATURE.

We used to handling European cruise ships visited komodo island. We offer three options such as SHORT TREK which spends 1 hour, medium trek takes an half hours and long trek takes 2 hours to see the komodo dragon, other wild life, spectacular landscape and seascape of komodo island and visit to Flores island to see the nature, culture and historical places.

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